EX – Currency Converter Exchange Calculator

EX is a modern currency exchange calculator to quickly calculate different currencies. At the same time you can calculate BTC – Bitcoin Price of your ammount.

– Use different math expressions in fields
– Immediately see the results realtime
– Lookup Choose from 170 different currencies of the world includic Bitcoin(BTC)

The extension takes currency rates from https://www.google.com/finance/converter

Webstore Link: EX-Currency Converter Exchange Calculator

Follow Bitcoin and Other Currency Prices

CoincapRate.com is a good website where you can monitor all cryptocurrency prices and rates. Especially Etherium and Bitcoin. There are more than 170 cryptocoins. Prices are indicated with USD, EURO & Ruble.

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liveBitnews.com is a beautiful website to follow all the prominent market news about Bitcoin, Ethereum and other technological and financial breakthroughs.