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How to Ease the Life of a Website Owner if He Uses WordPress

Google Site Kit Analytical Plugin
Google Site Kit Analytical Plugin

If you are a wp website owner then I have good news for you. There is a Google Site Kit official wp plugin in WordPress. Fun thing is that you do not need to do anything except click next while installing and integrating this plugin. It will automatically integrate your website with Google Analytics, Search Console, Page Speed Insight & Google Adsense. After installation, there will be a menu item in the dashboard of wp-admin. Here will be represented all your insight data in a report style. A very easy and convenient way to see your data and observe your progress. In a word, I completely recommend this plugin.

P.S. Though I advise you to use Google Site Kit, I do not advise users to use any other plugins except if it is from tech authority.

Normally I had a ton of problems and malicious malware and viruses several times on my websites. In conclusion, I had to rebuild my websites where I lost all my backlinks and money-making asset. The reason is a plugin. Even if they are official plugins of any company or service avoid them. Try not to use them unless the publisher is a reliable tech giants like WordPress, Google, or Microsoft.