Before we posted an article describing how to use WhatsApp on desktop browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Edge and etc.

This WhatsApp apps and extensions are popular on Chrome Web store. They will ease your life and the way you communicate through the desktop web. But remember that they are all third party apps, not official ones. We recommend to use only official way of using WhatsApp on desktop browsers (link).

Messenger for WhatsApp™ – link

Access to WhatsApp official Web UI in an stand-alone sandboxed window
WhatsApp™ Messenger application allows you to have access to the official WhatsApp web service from an standalone sandboxed window.

Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed and Volume – link

Add audio controls to WhatsApp Web. Listen to those long recordings in no time.
Zapp is an extension built to work with WhatsApp Web. It adds controls to the top right corner of your screen which let you change the speed and the volume of recordings.