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Speed Up Chrome Browser – Make it Faster!

Turn Off Extensions

First of All, You need to turn-off extensions which you do not use. Because they consume the computational power of your hardware even if you do not use them. To turn of extension you can by clicking the right click on the icon or by switching to chrome://extensions/

Menu > Settings > Extensions > List of Extensions

You will be able to see all the extensions which are once installed on your chrome browser. If there are extensions that you do not use. Remove them from this list or pause.

Restricted Access

If there is an extension which you use only on specific web sites then you can restrict it. Remember that Chrome uses an enormous amount of memory. Also, it is additional security. The extension will not be able to collect your data.

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/
  2. Select the extension which you want to restrict.
  3. Click Details
  4. Scroll Down to Site Access section
  5. Choose On Specific Sites
  6. Add the web sites on which you want this extension to run.


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